Interlink Gold Standard

"Our '2 and 48' Rule: Peace of Mind, Guaranteed"

The “2 and 48” rule is your guarantee of exceptional service and our commitment to delivering results. With Interlink, you can trust that your business operations run smoothly, tasks are handled promptly, and your peace of mind is our priority.
Free to interview, low-cost hiring

Within 2 Hours:

When your dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA) is on the clock, you can rest assured that any task or request you send their way will receive a response within just 2 hours. This rapid acknowledgment ensures that you are always in the loop, and your priorities are never left hanging.

Completed in 48 Hours:

Need something accomplished? Whether it’s a straightforward task or a more intricate project, our VAs work diligently to ensure it’s completed within 48 hours. If a task requires more time or complex solutions, rest assured, you’ll receive a comprehensive update within that timeframe.

Other Core Values

Excellence in Every Task

Our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

Trained for Perfection

Our professionals are meticulously trained to excel.

The Pinnacle of Performance

Elevating your team with top-tier talent.

Precision and Proficiency

Our Gold Standard ensures unparalleled expertise.

Exceeding Expectations, Every Time

We aim high to deliver exceptional results.

Your Success, Our Standard

Our Gold Standard is your assurance of excellence.